Eat Fruit, Lose Weight and Inches

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Nutrition Journal has published a study of fruit in the diet of Type 2 diabetics. Researchers found that after 12 weeks, participants of both study groups lost weight and inches around their waists with those eating the most fruit losing the most.

The goal of the study however was to decide if eating fruit should be encouraged or not. Researchers wanted to weigh the benefits of fiber and other nutrients in fruit against its sugar content.

To perform the study, 63 recently diagnosed Type 2 men and women were given nutrition advice as well as medical care. Suggestions to curb calories were given and some randomly chosen members were told to limit their fruit intake, while the rest were told to eat at least two pieces a day.

The first group ate about 135 grams of fruit a day, about an orange or banana’s worth. The second group ate more than twice as much with about 320 grams a day. No significant difference was found between the groups’ A1c suggesting there was no difference in their average long term blood glucose levels.

The researchers concluded, “Considering the many possible beneficial effects of fruit, we recommend that fruit intake should not be restricted in Type 2 diabetic subjects.”

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