I can work with you on your diabetes and wellness challenges wherever you are in the world by telephone or Skype™. Building good habits is the key to living well, especially with diabetes or other chronic health problems. The most important habits to build usually revolve around awareness, thinking, eating, exercise and self-care.

There’s a lot to know to really manage your condition well, but it really isn’t all that complicated. Taking charge of your life, especially if you’ve just been diagnosed, is pretty straightforward and can easily be done a step at a time.

Food and Nutrition

We can work on developing healthier eating habits and a healthy attitude toward food. You don’t have to give up all the foods you love or hire the Food Police, to get your blood sugars down. You do need to know more about food, especially how it works in your body. The more you know, the easier it is to make better choices. If you teach yourself to eat well, you can eat to feel good, instead of just to try and make yourself happy. When you feel healthy, you’ll feel a lot less pressure to eat emotionally.


Eating right can dramatically lower your blood sugars, but to get your weight, blood pressure and body in general back on track, you have to be more active. I’ve struggled more with this than any other area of my diabetic life, so I know how hard this can be, but I’m still learning how much easier life is when I stay active. My body feels better and I feel sharper, happier and I have more energy when I exercise.

Overcoming Bad Habits

Smoking, too much alcohol, recreational drugs, binge and emotional eating also take life and energy away from us. They may provide momentary relief from pain, boredom and difficulty, but they always take more than they give. Start a new lease on life by ending your bad habits. Making a plan, having good support, solid encouragement and reasonable accountability make it much easier to do.

Overcoming Fear, Anxiety and Depression

Diabetes can fell overwhelming at times. You don’t need to stay stuck. Talking with someone who’s  made it out the other side, can help you find your own way out, too. Living well and living happy are not dreams. They’re real, and you really can enjoy life.

Balancing Your Life

Most of us live very stressful lives. Jobs, finances, family, “getting it all done” and all the busyness around us make life hard and can make you feel like your life is chaotic or barely controlled. If you want to find ways to scale back, find your priorities, set some boundaries or just make more time for family and friends, let’s work on it together.

We can also work together on practicing relaxation to immediately reduce that stressed out feeling many of us live with.

Overcoming Burnout

If you’ve been living with diabetes for a while, you can feel tired and worn out from dealing with it. We can work on finding new zest for living. You don’t need to just live by the numbers any more.

Building a Healthy Thought Life and Happy Relationships

Living well really starts in your head. If you think healthy, you can live healthy. I’m not talking about being driven by ideas about doing all the right stuff. I’m talking about things like how you look at life, how you handle your feelings and how you deal with disappointment. I’m especially talking about how you think about yourself and the other important people in your life.

How you think about things makes all the difference in how enjoyable your life is. Nearly all of us have some unhealthy, happiness stealing thought habits. If you start to overcome yours, everything else starts to get easier, your relationships will improve and your natural happiness will grow.

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