This blog is intended to provide helpful information and ideas. A serious effort has been made to make its contents relevant, interesting and factual, but it’s still a blog. It’s not a source of medical advice. I’m not a Certified Diabetes Educator. I’m not a doctor, and I’m certainly not your doctor. I simply can’t tell what will work for you or what would be right for you. If you think I have some good ideas or advice, check it out, particularly with your doctor and other health care professionals.

I’m someone who lives with diabetes every day, trying to do a good job of managing it and living my life as fully as I know how. I’ve made it a point to be responsible for my decisions and my choices. You need to do that, too. I’m just trying to help. I’m not the Answer Man. Everything I’ve written about in blogs, articles or other things here, has been helpful or informative to me and others I know. If you decide to use it, be clear about it being your choice. Take care and be responsible.